My name is John and I am a passionate Web Developer with a knack for crafting engaging business applications and websites. I am based in West Sussex and my journey in web development spans over 7 years, during which I’ve honed my skills in a wide range of technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Next.js, WordPress, PHP, and more. I’m dedicated to turning complex problems into elegant digital solutions.

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort”

– John Ruskin

Discovery and Planning

In this initial stage, I engage with clients to understand their specific goals and requirements and if needed I then conduct market research to inform the project scope. A detailed proposal is created, outlining the timeline, deliverables, and comprehensive plan for the project.

Design and Prototyping

During this stage, I develop design concepts and prototypes that reflect the client’s brand and project objectives. These designs are refined based on client feedback until the final version is approved for development.

Development and Implementation

This stage involves the actual coding and building of the website or application, integrating the final design and content. It includes rigorous testing for functionality and usability, with client review and feedback guiding any necessary adjustments.

Launch and Post-Launch Support

The final stage focuses on launching the completed website or application, providing training for its management if needed, and offering ongoing support and maintenance to ensure its effectiveness and security.