In September I was on holiday when I logged into my email and saw a message that had come through my website contact form. The message was from the owners of a company that were having serious issues with their newly built website. Essentially, they were just not getting found on any key searches. They had been living with this problem for many months and things were just not getting better. They discussed it with a friend of theirs who recommended my services. I was delighted that I had been given this recommendation and so was keen to help. This was a major issue and was seriously hurting their business.

Within any SEO analysis there are two major factors to look at 1) The “on-page” factors such as Content, HTML and Architecture and 2) The “off-page” factors such as social media, trust and links. Between us, we made a “hit list” of the priority areas to focus on and between us we spent three weeks implementing the necessary changes.

One week after implementation they were on Google Page 1 for local business listings and Page 5 under their own right. Four weeks later they are still at Page 1 for local listings and Page 2 under their own right.

I was very pleased to help these lovely people and I am continuing to provide on-going support and SEO monitoring.

If you are having problems yourself, then give me a call or drop me a line. I can put you in touch with my clients if you require a first hand testimonial.