A responsive web site is one that is designed so that it will adapt and reconfigure itself depending upon what type of device it is been viewed on.

Web sites that are not responsive look awful on smaller devices such as smart phones. This matters a lot because the majority of internet connections in 2014 were made using mobile devices and this trend will grow. Incredibly only 15% of all web sites are designed to be responsive, this is a legacy issue that businesses need to fix quickly, those companies that do have responsive designs are getting a real edge over their competitors..

If you are not sure if your web site is responsive or not then check out these great videos I found on You Tube. The responsive “test” that is conducted in the second video you can do for yourself on your own web site. Just grab the edge of your browser window and pull the edge in and see if your content reconfigures itself to suit the new screen size you have created. Take a look at my web site and do the same, you will see “responsive” in action.

Responsive design 1

Responsive design 2

If you are still not sure and want to know more, then drop me a line through my contact form. Tell me your URL address and I will email you back to let you know of your web site is responsive or not. Don’t worry , I won’t keep mailing you. I will give you my response and if you want to talk further, then it is your choice.