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Do you work full-time as a freelancer?

Yes, I do work full-time. I know that this question is important to many people, as quite often freelancers will hold down other jobs whilst taking on the occasional freelancing project.

I do try and take Wednesdays off as I volunteer at Wakehust Place, Ardingly working in the Aboretum, but of course I occasionally have to cancel this if a client has some new material they want publishing immediately.

How much experience do you have?

I have worked for five years as a freelancer. Before that I was with IBM working on major technology projects with many UK and Global companies. Which do I prefer? Definitely working as a freelancer with small and medium sized companies. It is far more fulfilling.

What kind of websites have you designed?

I have built a wide range of different websites, from single page websites to medium size e-commerce sites and a whole load in between. My clients include letting agents, builders, Interior Design Companies, Cookery Schools, Leading Restaurants and more.

How long will it take to design my website?

Each website is different, but a standard 5 page website with a blog will take no more than 6-10 weeks. If your need is very urgent, pickup the phone and let’s see if I can help you.

How many revisions are you willing to make?

During the design process I expect to have to make many revisions. We start with a concept, but as it grows it is only natural that new ideas emerge that need to be incorporated. There will come a time in the process though that we will agree to ‘lock’ the design, so that the final build process can begin.

How closely will you work with my company?

I will work very closely with you and like to have an initial face to face meeting, followed up by regular weekly reviews. I can work with many parts of your team or 3rd parties. I only ask that I get a single point of contact who will be my ‘go to’ for final decisions.

Is any SEO integrated within the website?

We will discuss and agree your SEO strategy before any work begins. It is important that we agree your approach to SEO so that it can be fully incorporated into the website. I can provide you with keyword suggestions, search volumes and benchmarks against the other websites you will be competing with for your prospective buyers attentions.

How much will my website cost?

I offer some pricing guidance on my website which you will find by following this link. Complex sites with advanced functionality needs, I will price once I understand the full requirements. In all cases you will receive a detailed proposal with a full breakdown of costs.

Will you take on an existing website?

If your website is built on WordPress then I am happy to discuss your needs and take it on. I often get asked to take on websites where the client is finding their Google search results are not good enough or where their current developer / agency is not turning around work fast enough.

If you like what you see, then let’s start a conversation?