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Do you work full-time as a freelancer?

Yes, I do work full-time. I know that this question is important to many people, as quite often freelancers will hold down other jobs whilst taking on the occasional freelancing project.

How much experience do you have?

I have worked for eight years as a freelancer. Before that I was with IBM working on major technology projects with many UK and Global companies. Which do I prefer? Definitely working as a freelancer with small and medium sized companies. It is far more fulfilling.

What kind of websites have you designed?

I have built a wide range of different websites, from single page websites to medium size e-commerce sites and a whole load in between. My clients include the NHS, Recruitment Companies, an International Musician and his Orchaestra, Builders, Interior Design Companies, Cookery Schools, Leading Restaurants and more.

How closely will you work with my company?

I will work very closely with you and like to have an initial face to face meeting, followed up by regular weekly reviews. I can work with many parts of your team or 3rd parties. I only ask that I get a single point of contact who will be my ‘go to’ for final decisions.

Is any SEO integrated within the website?

Your website will be SEO friendly, in that it will have all SEO best practices implemented. I do not offer full SEO strategies in terms of keyword research or competitor analysis. If you want a full SEO strategy, I suggest that you find someone who focuses on this line of work and I can work with them.

Will you take on an existing website?

I am happy to look at any website that you feel could do with my development services.

If you like what you see, then let’s start a conversation?