child with ipadI recently found myself reading a great publication that had being written by Vodafone aimed at helping parents to safeguard their children from the dangerous side of the the internet. I would recommend it to any parent as it is an extremely well written publication full of great ideas and advice on how to manage your child’s internet experience. Here is the link to Vodafone’s many publications on this subject;


For those of you without children but with an interest in how the digital world is shaping up, here are some amazing statistics provided by one of their publications I read;

  • 23% of UK kids begin their digital lives in-utero with parents uploading their scans online
  • 73% of children have a presence online by the age of two
  • 74% of eight to eleven year olds have access to an iPad or other tablet at home
  • 3,500,000 of the UK’s under eights now have a tablet
  • twelve to fifteen year olds send an average of 289 texts per week (or 41 per day)
  • since 2012 the number of eight to eleven year olds using tablets has grown from 13% to 44%

These are astonishing statistics and it is clear that implications for society and business are huge. This is a strong trend and one that will continue for many years to come. I wonder how many people from the 30+ generation are even aware of this? 30 years old is not “old” but the younger generation are moving so fast with digital developments that each new generation is eclipsing the last in their digital experiences.

Parents need to be aware and ensure they have strategies for keeping their children safe on-line, that much is clear. However, how many business leaders are thinking about these trends??? Only 15% of the world’s websites are responsive and designed for mobile technology, that leaves a huge number that are falling well short of providing their future customers with the online experience they will expect.

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