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Frequently asked questions

Q. Are there any hidden costs?

A. Absolutely not ! The quote that you receive will be fixed based on the work we agree upon, which will be documented in our quotation. We always require 1/3rd of the quoted price on initial commissioning, 1/3rd after you approve the final design and the balance on the “go live” date.

Q. Are there any on-going maintenance costs?

A. If you require Web and Prosper to manage your website then we will charge you £30 per month to cover activities such as hosting, search engine monitoring and optimisation, backups, software updates and minor changes you might want to make e.g add in a few more photographs, add a few more lines of text. If at a later stage you require some major changes to the site e.g additional pages, payment systems, then we will discuss these things with you to agree a fair price to suit your budget and business case.

Q. Will I be able to make updates to my website myself?

A. Yes, is the simple answer. At the end of the design phase we will agree between us what updates you believe you would like to be able to do on an on-going bases. We will then show you how to conduct the editing.

Q. Will my website be readable and functional on smart phones and notepads?

A. Yes. All our website are designed using “responsive” technology so the web pages automatically reconfigure themselves to the device the person is using. This is a highly important requirement in today’s world.

Q. I don’t have very good photographs, can you help with this?

A. We will see if we can improve your photographs by using photoshop software. We will also take some ourselves if needed when we conduct our first meeting.

Q. Will you take on maintenance of my web site even if you haven’t designed it for me?

A. If your web site was built using WordPress, then I would maintain it for you. This means you get regular backups, updates and security checks to give you peace of mind.

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