I said in one of my previous posts that I would aim to publish an article about Content Marketing. I have had numerous questions about this subject from clients who are all trying to come to terms with what this means and the benefits to their business.

There are many ways that a business can market itself through Digital Media e.g. You-Tube, Twitter, Facebook, Ads, Email Campaigns and of course a Website, to name a few of the most obvious. We all remember or still experience those annoying pop up ads and emails that seem so hard to get rid of. The big problem for the marketing teams in many companies is that they have not worked out yet how to use the internet effectively to promote their business. What is very clear to all of them now though is that “pushing” advert banners in the face of the consumer does not work. In fact it can have a negative effect on their brand image.

What does work though is using the internet to build up an image in the eye of the consumer of a business they can trust. Ultimately people want to buy from a company they feel they can trust and believe in. This means that a business must build  “authority” within it’s marketplace by providing useful and valuable content that help’s consumers make informed choices.

We all know the feeling we get when we sense we are being lied to by a salesman and we just cannot get a simple answer to a simple question. Contrast that with when you are talking to someone who clearly understands your issues and offers informed opinion and insights that adds value to you. Who are you going to buy from? AND recommend to others…

This is the essence of Content Marketing and in my view it is a fantastic way for small businesses to market themselves in a cheap and effective way.

I recommend this article by the people at Elegant Themes, “How Small Businesses Can Benefit From A Content Marketing Strategy”. It explains this subject in just the right amount of depth and offers very useful insights and advice, plus links to other sources where you can delve more deeply if you wish. I use this companies software, but I have no affiliate links so I will make no money from recommending this article. I recommend it purely on its content.