Recently I was in the process of creating a proposal for another prospective client (a successful business woman who had started a new business that is clearly positioned to do very well),  when it occurred to me that more than 80% of my clients have been women. I stopped to ask myself “why would this be?” perhaps it is because more women run small businesses than men? But no, according to UK Government statistics only 20% of SMEs (Small, Medium sized Enterprises) were run by women in 2015.

Perhaps women feel stronger than men about the importance of a good website? We know that women tend to be better communicators than men and this would perhaps support this hypothesis. However, after spending some time researching gender and technology I could not find any definitive research that would support the argument.

However, instinctively it feels right that strong communication traits would result in a better appreciation of websites and social media; so I think I am going to settle on this casual relationship for now.


This got me thinking about other traits or characteristics that I observed whilst working with these marvelous and successful women;

  • a very real sense of purpose
  • they know their clients/ markets very well
  • they focus on quality and make sure everyone knows what their standards are
  • excellent communicators
  • they get things done on time
  • never afraid to ask for help and advice
  • never lost their cool
  • a strong sense of humour

I am in no way inferring that the business men I have worked with do not have similar traits, it’s just that I appear to have a larger sample size to analyse when looking at business women.

I would welcome any thoughts and insights into this subject, so please feel free to comment.

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